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Say “I do” – Proposal Ideas!

Popping the question soon and need a little bit of inspiration? No problem! Deciding where and how to propose is a big decision. You need the location, the timing and the mood to all be perfect. But it’s easy to engineer perfection when you’re on one of the most romantic islands in the world, St Maarten.

This sandy, tropical island simply oozes romance at every corner, from the soft, swaying palm trees in the breeze to the crystal clear waters at your feet. So here are our top ideas!

1. Do it at sunset on a boat

The sea is so beautiful and expansive in St Maarten, it’s one of the most romantic features that this beautiful island has on offer. And when you throw sunset into the mix, there’s no way your partner could say no to this concoction. Tall Ship Sunset Cruise and Private Yacht Sail both offer private sailing trips as the sun gets low in the Caribbean sky. Imagine sipping on a glass of champagne, with just the two of you onboard a private boat, as the setting sun drapes the calm water and clouds of your surroundings in a bath of unspeakable color and serenity. Getting down on one knee has never seemed so natural!


2. Take a trip to Pinel Island

Pinel Island is one of St Maarten’s proudest places, and the moment you get there you’ll understand why. This tiny island on the north end of St Maarten is the definition of serenity and ‘romantic getaway’ in the traditional sense of the phrase. Take a small ferry boat or charter your own kayak over to the island for the small fee of $7-8 dollars and enjoy a whole new world of shallow, relaxing waters and untouched beaches to your heart’s content. This secluded island is much quieter than the rest of St Maarten, with no cars, roads or even full electricity. So why not take your partner on an expedition to one of the most secluded coves that you can find, and pop the question in the complete and utter bliss of solitude.


3. Do it in luxury

Nothing says romance like a bit of unapologetic luxury. The most luxurious hotel in St Maarten, the Radisson St. Martin Resort Marina & Spa is a good spot to really treat them as you get down on one knee. Located on the northwest coast of the French side of the island, this resort is tucked away in the picturesque cove of Anse Marcel. With hills on three sides and a breathtaking white sand beach on the fourth side, with the lapping Caribbean Sea at your feet, there really is no place on earth like it. Relax in a private cabana at the infinity pool and spend a day in the boutique spa before taking your partner on a romantic walk down to the 1600 feet beachfront, getting away from the crowds and enjoying your holiday just the two of you. That’s the perfect time to ask, with the sun setting, if they will will spend their life with you. And if the rest of that life is as beautiful as that moment, we’re sure it will be very hard to say no!


4. Take your love to St. Barths

While it may be known for a loyal celebrity following and glamorous parties, this tiny slice of France anchored in the Caribbean has a deep-rooted bohemian quality that’s surprisingly casual, combining French sophistication with tropical nonchalance. A 15-minute plane journey from St Maarten, flying into St Barths itself is romantic itself as you see Gustavia. Some lunch at Orega, which is set in one of Gustavia’s pretty “cases”, a raised dining area and courtyard dressed in muted grey and white. Followed by a glass of rosé at Eden Rock with a dip in the crystal clear waters, there can be a scene no more romantic than this one. Or if you are looking for somewhere more intimate,  grab some delicious grilled shrimp and fresh salads at Maya’s To-Go, and then head over to La Petite Colombe for fresh baguettes, croissants, and pastries. Once you’re able to peel yourself away from the mouth-watering display, head down to Colombier Beach—one of the island’s most pristine—and have yourself the most memorable beach picnic of your life. As well as a ‘yes’ response to your question.


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