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How do you best enjoy the month of love? By looking absolutely fabulous, of course! And Joe’s Jewelry is here to help. There’s no better way to brighten up February than with some good old-fashioned diamond sparkles, so here are our top picks for the best red carpet looks this month.

 First up, our favorite necklaces to make that big red carpet entrance and get everybody’s heads turning your way. It just simply isn’t a red carpet event without somebody wearing a gorgeously oversized jewel or five around their neck, which is why our first pick is this amazing emerald artefact. Made from 0.3 ct White Diamond and 0.6 ct Emerald, this 14K Rose Gold piece is truly a sight for soar eyes…


Or how about grabbing the spotlight with one of our incredible diamond and sapphire necklaces? This necklace is one of our favourite red carpet looks, screaming of classic costume jewelry brought into the twenty first century, with a wonderful lashing of vintage class. Wear this necklace this February and you might even mistake yourself for a celebrity strutting your stuff for the cameras…


And of course, there’s nothing more glamorous than the perfect bracelet. Drape one of our bejewelled bracelets around your wrist and feel like a star as you bask in the luxurious elegance that it adds to the contours of your arm. We love this classic, couture diamond bracelet for really creating the centrepiece to any outfit, adding style and class all at once. There really is nothing like this delicate, 2 ct White Diamond bracelet, made with 14K White Gold, to make February, your red carpet February.

And for those of you whose Valentine’s consists of you pointing your loved one in the right direction for a gift, here’s one for the wish list. This incredible 10K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring is the key to any girl’s heart and your ticket straight to A list glamor. Once more inspired by vintage costume jewelry, this is a ring that will get everybody talking in the best possible way as it sits pretty on your finger. Although we’ve billed it as an engagement ring, stars like you can do whatever they want, so don’t let that put you off if you’ve fallen in love with this 1 1/2 Ctw ring but no one else this Valentine’s Day. The only commitment we ask of you is to style.


So there you have it, our top picks to make you feel fabulous this February, creating your very own red carpet glamor with a little help from Joe’s.

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